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Difficulty processing emotions could be a predictive symptom for the development of schizophrenia

María Belén Aburto Ponce, a young researcher at the Millennium Nucleus Imhay, is currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at the Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research in New York, where she is studying the altered mechanisms of sensory perception that could explain some symptoms of this mental illness.

University mental health: 50% of research in the world has been done in the last three years

Greater access and the increased diversity of people entering higher education are some of the reasons why the mental health of university students has become more relevant in recent times. In this regard, a young Imhay researcher is delving into methodologies to analyze the inequities that students must deal with.

Digital applications: the challenge of improving the reach of interventions in young patients

Daniela Lira, a psychologist and doctoral researcher at the Millennium Nucleus Imhay, is leading the development of a mobile application that aims to achieve greater adherence to treatments through the co-design of the App with the users themselves. This initiative, a central part of her doctoral thesis work, is also being carried out within the framework of the national and international digital health network of which Imhay is a member.

Doctoral Researcher from the Millennium Nucleus Imhay internship in one of the world’s leading suicide prevention research centers

Belén Vargas, a psychologist who is part of Imhay and a current doctoral student in Psychotherapy, traveled to the city of Melbourne to share her doctoral research and establish collaborative ties with members of Orygen, the National Center of Excellence in Youth Mental Health in Australia, a world-leading organization in research and knowledge transfer focused on youth mental health.

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder Expert from the University of Illinois research stay at the Millennium Nucleus Imhay

American psychologist and academic Michael Meinzer chose Imhay due to the high quality of its mental health studies and its extensive collaborative network within Chile. As a result of this academic exchange, the professional, together with a team from Imhay, has already begun to analyze data from a sample of young university students living with this disorder.