Millennium Nucleus to Improve the Mental Health of Adolescents and Youths

Area of Impact: Health

Specialty: Mental Health

Adolescence and youth undergo major changes at the biological, psychological, and social levels, occurring in a rapidly changing global context. Although this offers multiple opportunities, it is also associated with stress factors that can have an impact on the development of mental health problems.

Mental health disorders in this age group are among the leading causes of disability and death and are accompanied by high social and economic costs that can extend into adulthood.

The general objective of Imhay is to generate evidence that contributes to the development and evaluation of interventions to improve the mental health of adolescents and youth in order to support the creation and strengthening of public policies.

Imhay is formed by a group of researchers from the health sciences, social sciences, and neurosciences, who study epidemiology, social determinants, and neurobiological bases of adolescent and youth mental health through qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodologies. In addition, they have evaluated interventions in educational and health centers, incorporating the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), and have contributed to and critically evaluated public policies.

Imhay is distinguished nationally and internationally for its comprehensive, evidence-based, systemic and multilevel, intersectoral, life-cycle conscious, culturally and territorially aware approach. In addition, our center is distinguished by the promotion of participatory designs and the use of ICTs in its interventions.


Dr. Vania Martínez, Director
Dr. Álvaro Langer, Deputy director